The Arts of Healing is designed to utilize one of Houston’s most important commodities, the physicians of the Texas Medical Center, in a unique way, as artists, to raise money for causes and diseases that directly impact the patients and community they serve.

At the core of our beliefs as an organization is an importance of creating and promoting art. We provide a spotlight on physician’s art, in particular, as a way to encourage their endeavors; realizing that within the art process an imaginative curiosity takes shape. That curiosity promotes flexibility in thinking and creative problem- solving, all of which are traits that we hope for in the men and women we trust with our own health.

Equally as important as creating the art is the sharing of the art—which is a showcase event— the physician art show and dinner.

Through this event, physicians reveal their interpretations of the world are shared via their paintings, their photography or by way of their musical performances. Before our eyes, stereotypes are revised, roles can be reimagined, conversations changed and the bridge between physician and community is fortified —all while raising money for a cause we are passionate about it.

The beneficiary for proceeds raised during the physician art show and dinner is-- the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

Sunshine Kids enriches the lives of children going through cancer treatment by providing them positive activities and experiences-- so they can once again do what kids are meant to do - have fun and celebrate life.

With your donation, you directly support our efforts, our physicians’ efforts, and the mission to promote creativity, as well as providing the experiences we know will bring some sunshine into the lives of these deserving children.

Every donation, no matter the size, can help us fulfill our goals.