The Arts of Healing provides a mutually beneficial fish out of water situation that raises crucial funds for a defined medical need. Scalpels, stethoscopes and lab coats are shed for brushes, cameras, and musical instruments. Many of these doctors studied or are professionally trained in the arts they practice, yet a vast majority of their patients have no idea of their artistic endeavors.

The Texas Medical Center in Houston is globally renowned for many reasons, its physicians obviously being a major component. What sets the professionals who comprise this Houston hub apart is usually their expertise, talent, and specialization as medical professionals. What makes this particular group of participating doctors stand out as pioneers are their interest in broadening their minds and ability to understand their professions, as physicians, through art.

To now present themselves in a totally different than usual light to their patients, peers, and the public is to go from a place of confidence as leaders in their fields to a place of vulnerability as artists.

The Arts of Healing provides a unique opportunity for doctors, their patients, and the community they live in to interact in an unexpected but enjoyable, arts-driven environment. The professionals involved in this event enthusiastically embrace the chance to both present themselves in this non-medical manner while concurrently raising much needed and appreciated funds for medical causes.