The Founders

Lori & Isaac Raijman MD


As a public school teacher of 24 years, Lori Raijman introduced art as the voice and vehicle for her at-risk students to express their hopes, fears, personalities, and realities. 

After retiring from teaching, Raijman began working with her “gastroenterologist by day, painter by night” husband, Isaac Raijman. As Lori began to organize shows for Dr. Raijman, she took note of both how the painting process affected him as well as the bridge it built between him, his patients and his colleagues. 

Now armed with the knowledge of how art can connect communities, while serving the artists themselves, The Raijmans conceptualized The Arts of Healing Physician Art Show. 

Together, as a couple, The Raijmans became philanthropists who empowered a community to come together to connect, create, have fun, and hopefully even heal in the process.

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Lori Raijman | Founder/President
Isaac Raijman MD | Founder/Director
Mike Springs | Treasurer
Kristen Collins | Development Director
Sarah Collins | Sponsorship Director
Connie Springs | Director
Betsy Montgomery | Director



Sarah Collins
Lindsay Dragos
Betsy Montgomery
Tamara East
Sonya Shernak
Alexa Edens

AnaLisa Cole
Kristi Ratcliffe
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Nicole Raijman
Katie Aldmon
Jessica Griffith

Ashley Dewar
Cathleen Fishel
Sarah Pope
Emily Watkins
Lori Raijman
Ashlean Murphy

Rylie Caldwell
Rachele Goetz
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