The Arts of Healing


Established by Lori and Isaac Raijman MD, The Arts of Healing Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that blends the worlds of art and medicine. The foundation unites physicians from the major hospitals throughout the Texas Medical Center in an effort to encourage and celebrate the arts while simultaneously raising money for a variety of medical challenges.

Studies show that not only does art equip doctors with the creativity and practice to make them better physicians; it also enables them to better connect, empathize with, and support their patients.

With this in mind, The Arts of Healing is an annual art show where physicians exhibit their work. From the visual displays of painting and photography, the musical offerings of rock or classical, these doctors and surgeons showcase their talent during this one special event. Funds for the selected charity are raised in a variety of ways- direct donation, sponsor/physician dinner, and a percentage of the total sales throughout the hosting retailers.

In addition to being an enlightening evening, these doctors’ artwork deepens their connections between one another, their patients, and the Houston medical community at large.The Arts of Healing event allows these participating physicians to stand out in the medical community as they share their gifts, talents, and appreciation for that matters closest to their hearts: the spread of creativity and the support of their patients.


The Arts of Healing 2018


Past Participating Doctors

  • Boccalandro, Cristina
    endocrinologist | photographer

  • Cangelosi, John
    dermatopathologist | photographer

  • Dahlberg, Carl
    pulmonologist | musician

  • Dannenbaum, Marc
    neurosurgeon | musician

  • Danziger, Julius
    radiologist | painter

  • Galati, Joseph
    hepatologist | photographer)

  • Goodwin, Brandon
    dermatologist | photographer

  • Hematpour, Khashayar
    cardiac electrophysiologist | musician

  • Kowalski, Alicia
    anesthesiologist | painter

  • Madjidi, Azita
    plastic surgeon | dancer

  • Mentz, Henry
    plastic surgeon | painter

  • Moore, Dean
    ER physician | musician

  • Murthy, Jay
    pulmonologist | photographer

  • Parsons, Jessica
    dermatologist | painter

  • Phan, Charles
    gastroenterologist | painter

  • Powell, Berkeley
    plastic surgeon | photographer

  • Powitzky, Eric
    ENT otolaryngologist | musician

  • Raijman, Isaac
    gastroenterologist | painter

  • Reardon, Patrick
    surgeon | photographer

  • Smith, Paul
    urologist | musician

  • Thakkar, Kalpesh
    pediatric gastroenterologist | DJ

  • Urrutia, Fernando
    gastroenterologist | tequila master